Executive Director’s Message

Dear Friends,

This past November, I returned home from my 21st trip to Israel. Every time I am in that country, I fall in love all over again.  As the Executive Director of FSMC, this trip to Sheba Medical Center sparked a new love – full of awe, inspiration and pride. After countless meetings and at least that many cups of coffee with pastries, I know I only saw the tip of the iceberg with regard to patient care in pediatric oncology, congenital heart defects, rehabilitation, teaching through medical simulation, research in diabetes, oncology, neuroscience and so much more!

Yes, I was pained when I talked to 2 young soldiers who were wounded in Gaza. Yes, I was pained when I entered the children’s hospice; however, these tragedies were bathed in sunlight like none I have ever witnessed before: every single member of this vast team of doctors, professors, nurses, social workers and rehabilitation therapists comes to Sheba each day with compassion, drive, dedication and a commitment to make the future better. They do not need to articulate this with words because it is so obvious in their actions. With all the illness that I witnessed and the knowledge that some of Sheba’s patients will not be blessed with long healthy lives, I know that all patients are receiving the absolute best care for their bodies and their spirit. I also know that Sheba Medical Center is committed to research that saves lives and has universal impact.

 More than ever before, Israel needs our support and I can think of no institution more worthy:

Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer is The Hospital of Israel, Where Science Meets Miracles.

With Much Appreciation,

Nina Lieberman
Executive Director
Friends of Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer


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