Sheba 2.0

Sheba 2.0 invites young professionals in their twenties and thirties to network for a cause.

The next generation of Friends of Sheba Medical Center, Sheba 2.0 offers young professionals the opportunity to hear firsthand from the medical experts at Israel’s foremost hospital. Sheba 2.0 hosts social and educational events throughout the year that benefit Sheba and offer unique insights into the innovations transforming medicine within Israel and across the globe. These exclusive events include:

  • Shabbat Dinners
  • Sunday Shvitzes (group workout classes)
  • The annual Sheba 2.0 Gala Happy Hour at The Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel

For more information or to get involved with Sheba 2.0, please contact Rachel Blankstein at or 310-775-2576.



Executive Committee:

Emanuel Abrishami
Sorelle Cohen, President
Maytal Phillips
Melody Pakravan

Committee Members:

Dr. Simon Bababeygy
Dr. Nelia Barkhordar
Dr. Nicole Barkhordar
Ari Benchimol
Celine Cohan
Tiffany Gabbai
Zoe Hartman
Dr. Desiree Levyim
Dr. Abe Malkin
Reeven Nathan
Roxana Pourshalimi
Dr. Benjamin Rafii
David Sibelman