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Sheba Medical Center is a Trailblazing Global Leader in Medicine.

Newsweek World's Best HospitalsSheba Medical Center, recognized by Newsweek Magazine as one of the 10 Best Hospitals in the World, is proud to be the largest and most comprehensive hospital in the entire Middle East. Born out of ingenuity and innovation, Sheba goes beyond the scope of treating patients.

Sheba Medical Center has an unwavering dedication to healing, always striving to find and implement the most advanced ways of preventing disease while educating the next generation of Israel’s medical leaders. Even while in the midst of revolutionizing modern medicine, Sheba continues to carry out its founding purpose as the national center for treatment and rehabilitation of Israeli soldiers and victims of war.

As Israel’s national hospital, Sheba treats 20% of the population every year on its 200-acre campus, opening its doors to all patients regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality or identity.


Sheba’s Size, Scope and Depth of Expertise are Unprecedented.

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From its start as a small military hospital in 1948, Sheba Medical Center—the City of Health—has emerged as a trailblazing global leader in medicine.

Together, Sheba Medical Center and the State of Israel have flourished, developing into powerful beacons of resilience and hope.