First Ever Graduation Ceremony of the Cyprus International Medical School in the Presence of HE Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus

May 15th, 2015, marks the first graduation class of the Cyprus International Medical School of the University of Nicosia: a dream come true of international collaboration between academic institutions in the Republic of Cyprus, the State of Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

This very unique project is the fruit of vigorous labor and determination invested by all the parties involved: the University of Nicosia, Sheba Medical Center in Israel, and its partner, Tel Aviv University, St. George’s University of London, and the Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago.

The mission of this International Medical School is to help students become educated individuals, achieve their academic and professional goals, and assume responsible roles in a changing world of European cooperation and global interdependence.  This school challenges the best and the brightest minds to learn the science of medicine and the art of compassionate care. These students are not only graduates of a Medical School, but have the privilege to graduate from an International Medical School, with an MBBS degree from St. George’s University of London, which is ranked among the world’s top 200 universities. They now belong to a very elite group of young physicians who have the tools and training to improve the lives of so many…whether it is through medicine, research, or public service. They will benefit from added knowledge, professionalism, and open the doors to medical research opportunities between countries in this very special region.

During his graduation speech, Prof. Zeev Rotstein, Director and CEO of the Sheba Medical Center, addressed the graduates as follows: “During the course of your clinical studies, some of you had the opportunity of experiencing two years of international medicine at the Sheba Medical Center. You were able to see and learn how the amazing staff of the hospital practices medicine. I sincerely hope that they were also able to pass on to you their values of tolerance, love of your fellow-man, and compassionate care for all people without any prejudice – Israelis, Palestinians and Foreigners alike. This we call the ‘Sheba Spirit’! I recommend that you adapt these values in your careers as future physicians; and never forget that medicine is an art as well as a science practiced by doctors and researchers who bring to the bedside not only technology and training, but also their humanity, compassion and concern. Their patients do not put their trust in machines or devices. They put their trust in YOU!”

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