First Heart Monitor Implanted in A Toddler in Israel

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One and a half-year-old Shai Sikura suffered from repeated breathing stops accompanied by fainting spells and severe seizures. When Shai was examined by director of pediatric neurology, Professor Bruria Ben-Zeev, she voiced her suspicion that Shai had experienced a heart attack and that the heart attack was the cause of her repeated breathing stops and seizures.

In order to evaluate these symptoms more profoundly and provide Shai state of the art care, a tiny cardiac monitor called “reveal linq” was implanted.  With this procedure, Shai became the first toddler in Israel, and one of the first in the world, who had a monitor implanted that has daily 24-hour heart activity follow-up capability. 

Once a day, the findings are reported to the hospital’s Eli and Zohara Davidai Arrhythmia Center. Only two weeks after the implant of the monitor, they showed that Shai had suffered another heart attack.

The monitor gave the doctors the opportunity to make the important decision of fitting Shai with a cardiac pace maker early in life and avoid future heart attacks. 

Dr. Teijman-Yarden explains: “Shai suffers from breathing stops during stress, which happens to some 3 percent of all children and mostly disappears when they reach the age of six, without making special treatment necessary.

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