First Time in Israel: A new Unit for Young Cancer Patients

A new Department, including a Unit for young oncology patients aged 18-35, was recently inaugurated in Sheba Medical Center’s Cancer Center. This unique Unit will provide treatment and hospitalization conditions tailored to the needs of the young patient population embedded in a supportive atmosphere and ambience, and with a specially trained medical team. This Unit is located separately from the other departments in the cancer center, with various public areas and hospitalization rooms that allow the patients, some of whom have young families, to host their loved ones in a relaxed environment.

Prof. Mark Kaufman and Zoe Sever

Prof. Mark Kaufman and Zoe Sever

The design is of young appearance, decorated with Arie Berkovich’s woodworks and Daniel Landau’s video art, and receives a colorful touch, contributed by vivacious works, donated by Zoe Sever. She chose cityscapes because they suit the entire concept of the urbanite unit design best.

When the ribbon was cut, Prof. Zeev Rotstein, director and CEO of the Sheba Medical Center, said that “it is and will always be our goal to provide the patients with the best possible treatment experience, and today we fulfill this duty towards these young patients who need a different kind of treatment and care. We aim to give them this special environment and will not rest until we achieve it”.

Dr. Damien Urban, director of the Unit for Adolescents and Young Adults, remarked “All around us are stories representative for the kind of special needs these patients have. Take, for example, a young lady with breast cancer who plans to get pregnant in the future. In this Unit she can find genetic fertility counseling. Or an 18-year-old youngster who can find psychological and social support adapted to his young age. The support and the warmth the young patients need, this makes us special.”

The Unit for Adolescents and Young Adults in Sheba’s Cancer Center was established through a donation of the Kaufman Foundation and with the help of Keren Hayesod. The Kaufman Foundation is dedicated to bettering the lives of young cancer patients. This was the first international project supported by this foundation and its founder, Prof. Mark Kaufman.


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