Moving and Shaking Highlights: Friends of Sheba Gala 2016

From far left: Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles Sam Grundwerg and his wife, Julia, actor  Jason Alexander and musician Todd Schroeder attend the Friends of Sheba Medical Center gala. Photo by Kyle Espweleta

Friends of Sheba Medical Center held its 46th annual gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Oct. 30 and commemorated the work of Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer, Israel. Titled “The Hero Gene,” the evening drew approximately 700 attendees.

The gala, hosted by Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”), honored Arnon Adar, a member of the organization’s board of directors, with the inaugural Professor Mordechai Shani Lifetime Achievement Award, and Hadar Greenberg-Almog, a Friends of Sheba supporter and volunteer, with the Laurel of Leadership award.

Throughout the evening, Friends of Sheba chairs, board members, volunteers, doctors and a patient highlighted the hospital’s MSR (Hebrew for “Mercaz l’Simulatzia Refu’it”), the Israel Center for Medical Simulation. The simulations at MSR provide training for civilian and medical personnel in real-life scenarios, without human and medical errors.

The goal of the simulation center is to reduce the number of medical errors that occur at the hospital and beyond, according to Adina Hepner, director of development at Friends of Sheba. In the United States, medical errors are the third leading cause of death, and at least 60 percent of these cases are considered preventable, according to the British Medical Journal. Each year more than 15,000 people are trained or tested at MSR, and the demand is on the rise, Hepner said.

The proceeds raised by the gala — topped with a $1 million gift by The Nazarian Family Foundation — totaled $3.2 million. The funds will go toward growing the facility.

“Sheba Medical Center is the best that Israel has to offer and showcases the incredible lifesaving work that Israel offers the world,” Hepner said. “It is essential that we spread this message and raise the funds necessary for this hospital to continue its unique and heroic mission.”

— Kylie Ora Lobell, Contributing Writer

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