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 For more information about Friends of Sheba Medical Center (FSMC) please visit or call (310) 838-0700.

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to go on a private tour of Sheba Medical Center at the beginning of November. Molly and Rachel were so kind in organizing my private tour with Debbie who works for Sheba Medical Center. We met at the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital where Professor Brian Reichman gave us a private tour.

What stood out to me the most in this visit was seeing first hand Arabs and Israelis working side by side to help heal patients. Sheba truly doesn’t discriminate about who the patients are. The Palestinians patients know how amazing Sheba is and they go out of their way, even against their families orders to receive treatment at Sheba.

The tour of the Children’s hospital with Professor Reichman was incredible, he was a wealth of information and was open and candid to share with me what goes on behind the scenes working for a public hospital. After the tour of the Children’s hospital, Debbie took me to view the rehabilitation center. I was most interested in seeing what type of rehab facility they have at Sheba since I work for a sports nonprofit that helps provide sports opportunities for the physically disabled. Having a dedicated rehab facility at the hospital is so important because they help patients adapt to their daily lives. For example, Sheba has their own individual apartment where patients going through therapy can live. This mock apartment allows patients to practice with a therapist in the room simple mundane tasks like opening the refrigerator or getting into a car. The parking lot next to the apartment inside the hospital has a dedicated car for patients to practice getting in and out of the car. What was so special for me was to see first hand that Sheba not only takes care of their patients while they are under their care, but they are focusing on the quality of life for patients after they leave the hospital.

Lastly, I was able to visit the Eating Disorders Department. I have never seen in a hospital a dedicated department to treating eating disorders and it was set up like a dorm room, where patients live and also go to school. Once again, Sheba is thinking not just about the physical ailments, but does a lot of work on focusing on mental health which is so important in this day in age.

I look forward to visiting Sheba again in the near future! This visit really solidified my passion for helping Sheba Medical Center. I want to raise money specifically for a soldier to undergo his or her treatment at Sheba because of the amazing work the soldiers do to risk their lives to protect the State of Israel. My fundraising goal is to raise $2,000 dollars with the hope of exceeding that goal and reaching $5,000 as that is the cost of treatment for a wounded soldier for a year.

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