The Day a Victim of Terror was Discharged from Sheba’s Rehabilitation Center

Gadi Yarkoni, a victim of terror during the “Protective Edge Operation”, lost both his legs from a mortar that exploded next to the Nirim Kibbutz where he lives – only one hour before the ceasefire started. Walking independently now, Gadi was discharged from Sheba’s rehabilitation center after almost half a year of hospitalization in the orthopedic rehabilitation department, headed by Dr. Itzhak Ziev-Ner.

Gadi & Dr. Ziev-Ner

Gadi & Dr. Ziev-Ner

Yarkoni warmly thanked the rehabilitation team: the physiotherapists, the occupational therapists, the team of the hydrotherapy swimming pool, the nurses and doctors, and said “All of you represent what we call the beautiful Israel. When I arrived even lifting my hand hurt me. Because of you I am leaving now on my own two legs and run ahead to continue my active life in Nirim.”

Dr. Ziev-Ner parted from Yarkoni and said that “this was a farewell with mixed feelings. We are happy and very proud of you for the amazing rehabilitation process you went through and mastered, but we will also miss you. You are a very special person.” Dr. Ziev-Ner remarked further that, “It always takes two to tango: the professional and experienced team needs a partner in order to achieve such impressive and successful rehabilitation results like in this case. Gadi Yarkoni was a perfect partner and the results can be seen today, the day of his discharge.”

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