The New Safe Haven Underground Emergency Center


Sheba Medical Center has begun the construction of an advanced underground emergency center. The design integrates the modernization and expansion of Sheba’s existing Emergency Center with a completely functional underground facility for use in times of war.

The Sheba Medical Center’s Emergency Medicine Center deals with the full spectrum of traumatic and medical emergencies, excluding childhood medical and gynecological/obstetrics problems.  Sheba treats patients holistically, with one treating doctor responsible for overall care, and when necessary, coordinating a multi-disciplinary approach.

Since Sheba Medical Center’s founding, the hospital has played a central role in caring for the victims of mass casualty events. 

Now, more than ever, we are in need of expansion into an underground facility. This facility will be comprised of:

  • State of the art triage
  • Thirteen underground operating rooms
  • Underground recovery areas

To serve the needs of Israel’s larger population the modernization includes:

  • Separate area for ambulatory patients and patients with severe trauma.
  • CT and X-ray equipment located next to the Emergency Center to permit quicker diagnosis of incoming patients – vital in time of terror, war and injury, stroke or heart failure.
  • Training facilities for doctors and nurses to prepare for the worse.
  • Walk-in Care

To fund this vital Safe Haven Emergency Center, Sheba is asking its many friends around the world for their support.

Sheba offers several high profile naming options, ranging from active building to surgical units and special medical department:

The naming options range from:

  • $10 million to name the entire building
  • $2.2 million to name Walk-in Patient Care
  • $2 million for the Underground Operation Theatre
  • $50 thousand for a Recovery Room
  • $5 thousand for a Ventilator
  • $180 for an inscription in the “Wall of Heroes”



For further information on naming opportunities, contact Adi Hepner, Director of Development, at, or 310.935.0135.

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