So the World May Hear – a Mission for Peace through Hearing


Sheba Medical Center and the Starkey Hearing Foundation came together to give the gift of hearing to more than 1,000 villagers in Tul-Karm. From the very young to the elderly this gift was given with care and sensitivity. Sheba’s head on EMT Prof Minke Hildsheimer, led  the 20 Sheba staff members who did the research, molding and fitting of the hearing aids to this predominantly Palestinian population.  Great openness and understanding among people who otherwise would not be communicating created bridges for peace. Here was the largest and most respected medical facility in Israel partnering with an American icon, Starkey Hearing Foundation, to deliver an amazing gift to 1000 people who otherwise would never have access to hearing aids. The faces of joy, smiles from little children who could not hear or learn at school, truly was the gift being returned to these Israeli and American volunteers with an agenda based on only hope.

That’s why we have called this a mission of peace through hearing.





For further information on naming opportunities, contact Adi Hepner, Director of Development, at, or 310.935.0135.

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