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Over the last decade and a half one of the most significant threats to public health has emerged – that of medical errors. While the existence of errors has always been known, it is the magnitude that has now been uncovered.

Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death – third only to cancer and heart disease. Reports on patient safety indicate that “the true number of premature deaths associated with preventable harm to patients is estimated at more than 400,000 per year in the United States”.  This is equivalent to four Boeing 747s crashing every day, of which at least 60% are considered preventable.

A key component in the delivery of safe care is the professionalism of healthcare providers. Simulation-based training is a powerful tool and effective means to help prevent errors and enhance the quality of medical care by improving the preparedness and competence of health professionals to perform their clinical and humanistic duties.


MSR, the Israel Center for Medical Simulation

MSR, the Israel Center for Medical Simulation is the world’s only national simulation center and a world leader in the application of simulation-based medical education on a countrywide healthcare system level.  MSR, a national resource, serves as a training and testing platform for healthcare regulators. Thus, MSR is a change agent for improved safety and quality of care across the Israel’s healthcare system.

As a global leader in the field, MSR has proven its ability to develop first rate simulation-based training, to implement cost effective operations, to realize high utilization of resources and to affect innovative capabilities in penetrating new clinical domains and professional fields and pave the way for new and higher standards of healthcare providers’ training and certification.

MSR has increased its reach and efficiency with the innovative MSR on Wheels Mobile program generously supported by the Russell Berrie Foundation and the Helmsley Charitable Trust. MSR on Wheels has enabled the accessibility of MSR’s high-standard services and public health message to Israel’s peripheral hospitals and community healthcare services.

MSR has succeeded in initiating a transformative change in the regulatory training and testing standards by incorporating the clinical and communication competencies as core components into the educational paradigm:

  • Israel’s Ministry of Health mandates a 4 day intensive simulation-based preparatory boot-camp workshop at MSR for all (over 1000) medical school graduates annually prior to beginning their internship
  • Magen David Adom conducts at MSR a certification exam for all Israeli paramedics including those in the IDF
  • Israel’s Nursing Division of the Ministry of Health conducts at MSR simulation-based registration exams for over 1200 nurses in 15 advanced nursing specialties
  • The Medical Scientific Council of the Israel Medical Association has added simulation-based board exams at MSR for residents in Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine
  • 3 of the 5 medical schools in Israel mandate a simulation-based screening exam of candidates’ interpersonal and humanistic attributes as part of their structured admission process.


Necessary conditions to continue to realize MSR’s vision:

Today over 15,000 are trained or tested annually and the demand is growing. However, increased demand for training and testing comes with a cost.

MSR has reached a moment of truth where its physical capacity, human resources and technological status have reached their limits and it can no longer adequately respond to the growing demand in the pace and quality it aspires to, as part of its moral educational mission in the service of public health.

In order for MSR to advance its ability to improve healthcare educational and preparedness standards in Israel, it is essential that MSR secures sufficient and stable resources to substantially expand the facility, engage and train more faculty and staff and purchase and upgrade newer simulation technology as it becomes available in the rapidly developing field of medical simulation.


MSR needs $30 million to secure the future of the Israel Center for Medical Simulation. This is absolutely critical in order for MSR to make the leap from where it is today to a strategically strong future which will enable MSR to maintain its global cutting edge leadership position.

MSR’s vision is to build upon its current expertise, leadership and experience and to establish a simulation center that would be 3 fold the current size – i.e. 6,000 sqm on land adjacent to MSR’s current location. This larger facility with the ongoing ability to recruit and train more faculty and acquire newer and better educational technologies and simulation equipment will enable MSR to serve the expanding needs of the Israeli healthcare system and to proactively develop new curriculum and mandatory programs and expedite the penetration of simulation-based training and certification standards into new clinical domains and at many more crucial healthcare junctions.

MSR seeks a major gift of $15 million of the total 30 million required. This significant support with naming opportunity will help us leverage with other donors. Moreover, it will help guarantee Israel’s leadership and MSR’s unique undertaking. An undertaking that aims to revolutionize the world of healthcare and to maintain and augment MSR’s status as a world-leading facility dedicated to improved patient safety and quality of healthcare.

For further information on naming opportunities, contact Adi Hepner, Director of Development, at, or 310.935.0135 or download this form and submit it to us at your convenience.

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