The Sheba PTSD Institute


The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Clinic that currently exists at Sheba Medical Center helps patients who have been sexually abused and physically assaulted, as well as survivors of natural disasters, wars, and terror attacks. Treating victims of terror attacks has become especially relevant in these past years, as the amount of terror the Israeli public has been subjected to is unprecedented, with long term social and economic implications. Further, we believe that our experience, research and resources in this area can be helpful to other countries that are experiencing the trauma of terror.

Sheba Medical Center is committed to building and supporting the first facility in the world focused entirely on transitioning soldiers and civilians with Post Traumatic Stress disorder into productive lives. The first of it’s kind, the Sheba PTSD Institute will be integrated into Sheba’s already comprehensive Rehabilitation Hospital, and provide for a platform that will house the world’s leading researchers and caregivers in the field of Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

Dr. Mickey Polliac, a senior psychiatrist at Sheba and renowned specialist treating PTSD, noted, “I walked the streets of Tel Aviv and found soldiers sleeping on the street, not aware of who they were or just lost. My heart broke, knowing the emptiness these soldiers felt – no where to go, and no one to care for them.” The Sheba PTSD Institute proposition will allow psychologically traumatized soldiers or civilians to live and learn to function in a real world environment learning “life managing” skills.

The Sheba PTSD Institute and the professional and medical staff at Sheba will raise awareness, international dialogue, treatment and related research, for and concerning individuals with PTSD worldwide while providing these individuals with state-of-the-art care.

Sheba Medical Center: a lifelong partner for soldiers, survivors of acts of terror, abuse, and disaster and their families.

Together we survive and thrive. 



For further information on naming opportunities, contact Adi Hepner, Director of Development, at, or 310.935.0135.

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