Metastatic Cancer Research


In 2012, Professor Onn, Chief of Pulmonary Oncology at Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer launched an international study, which was set to investigate a method of treating metastatic cancer that will obviate the need to tailor treatments to the location of the cancer in the body.

The aim of this study, which in Israel will take place at Sheba Medical Center, is to advance the concept of personalized treatment, using drugs that are adapted specifically to each patient, based on the genetic profile of his or her tumor.

“In the future, chemotherapy for cancer patients will be tailored to the patient’s specific biology, and it won’t matter whether we’re talking about cancer in the prostate, lung or colon,” Onn said.

“Today, a patient diagnosed with cancer searches for an expert in the type of cancer he has, for example, an expert in lung cancer or breast cancer. But in the future, when the treatment protocols will be based on the biology of the tumor and not its location, as will be performed in this trial, there will be different experts for different mutations. The next generation of cancer clinics will be clinics for genetic-specific tumors,” Onn said.

  • Multidisciplinary Human Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine Center, $7 million
  • Cancer Inpatient Treatment Department, new, $5 million
  • Laboratory Wing for the Cancer Research Center, $5 million
  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory, $1 million
  • Pediatric Stem Cell Research Institute, $1.5 million
  • Primary Immunodeficiency Center, $1 million
  • Young Women’s Breast Cancer Clinical Service and Research Laboratory, $1 million
  • Research $1000+ (Naming Opportunities Available for Gifts $100,000 and above)
  • Medical Supplies: $600-$200,000

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