Weinberg Child Development Center

Weinberg Child Development Center

The Weinberg Child Development Center at Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, Tel Hashomer offers multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment for children with developmental disabilities from neonates through adolescence. The Center has treated children with disabilities or at risk for developmental difficulties for more than 15 years, and is among the first three centers in the country.

The Center currently provides clinical services to approximately 1000 new children per year, and sees approximately 700 ongoing patients per month. Our team comprises more than 60 professionals from all related areas. Clinical services include comprehensive diagnostic assessments, ongoing medical, orthopedic, psychological, occupational, physical and speech therapies, teaching and support groups.

The Centers includes three daycare facilities for disabled children and care is provided daily to the children by a professional team of teachers, therapists and consultants.

In addition, the Center provides training to students and professionals from all related fields and advocacy for families through agencies that provide services for children with disabilities.

The Weinberg Child Development Center is part of the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital and of Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center, which is the largest and most comprehensive medical center in Israel. Sheba is one of the most prominent teaching and research hospitals and is affiliated with Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and it houses the Gertner institute for health policy and epidemiology and the National Education Center for training healthcare.


General Needs Dance Movement Therapy, Music Therapy and Medical Clowning
Occupational Therapy Team Equipment for the playground
Psychology Team Speech and Language Therapist Team

General Needs:

  1. An elevator (ground floor to second floor) – Since the institute building has no accessibility and we treat children ages birth to 18 years with disabilities, we wish to have an elevator.
  2. Additional new floor – As a result of the vast development and growth of our institute in recent years, there is a lack of assessment and treatment rooms. In order to provide our services we seek to add an additional floor built.

Cost Estimate: $300,000

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Dance Movement Therapy, Music Therapy and Medical Clowning:

The Arts Therapies- Dance/Movement and Music as well as Medical clowning enlist art forms and creativity in therapeutic settings, enabling therapists to reach and treat children through non-verbal as well as verbal communication.

Arts therapies enable non-verbal communication to take place through movement, music, drama and play. Dance movement and music therapy sessions are an opportunity to make use of and express emotional movement, work on communication, social interactions, emotional expression and regulation both non-verbally and verbally.

Through the use of art modalities therapists work with children on expanding movement repertoires, emotional expression and communication.  Experience within the clinical setting provides a safe and accepting environment, helping to strengthen a child’s body image, self-image and helps advance their communication skills, sense of body integration, emotional regulation and expression.

Direct contact is more accessible through the use of props, which mediate communication and contact. Therapist and Medical clowns use equipment used to enhance different movement and emotional expression. Equipment such as: balls, ropes, scarves, sheets, padded cylinders, musical instruments, and much more, are used to encourage the use of movement, music, dramatization and allow for shared communication in a less threatening, more spontaneous environment.


  • Circus tent to hold clowning and therapy sessions outdoors.
  • Large bean bags for dance therapy sessions.
  • Cloth swing
  • Large mattresses
  • Microphone
  • Sound editing program
  • Electric guitar
  • I pad
  • Printer
  • Musical drum sticks
  • Disco ball
  • Glow in the dark drum sticks

Cost: $ 5,000

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Occupational Therapy Team:

At the Child Developmental Center we work with many kids on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. A major obstacle for them is the free play in the Kindergarten and the recess in school. Usually, those kids have a hard time joining a group of kids playing, taking turns, understanding the rules etc. Therefore, working in the playground is part of our work. We would be happy to have some equipment that will assist us working in the playground.

Every year we meet new children who join our much loved children who are already being treated in our center. They all have complex special needs. One of the things that greatly impair their participation and functioning in their daily lives at school, home and in the therapy room as well, is sensory modulation dysfunction. For example, ‘I’ a sweet five year old diagnosed with autism, who has such a hard time getting used to the kindergarten routine. The sounds and sights, the number of children and staff members, the changes and transitions between activities are all overwhelming for him. Sensory equipment such as a sensory weighted vest, a weighted blanket, fidget toys etc would help to organize ‘I’ and enable him to participate more easily in the activities in kindergarten. ‘M’ is a lovely toddler aged 1;8 years. He has severe motor and cognitive difficulties and is one of the toddlers in our rehabilitation day care setting. ‘M’ is extremely sensitive to touch. He avoids different textures and light human touch. This limits his ability to enjoy playtime, to experience different kinds of food and participate in everyday activities such as going to the beach as well as playing in a playground with different textures and limits his ability to learn about his environment and develop good discrimination abilities. Sensory equipment such as the following would help kids like ‘I’ and ‘M’ in their daily life:

As therapists working at the Child Development Center at Sheba Hospital we have a rare opportunity to treat children both in the therapy room and in their natural environment, the kindergarten. This is because besides ambulatory treatments of children, we also have three kindergartens for children with special needs. But as therapists who love our work and aspire to do more, we have a dream of designing an area of the center as a home – and so, being able to help our children cope with the unique challenges that a home environment sets for them as well as providing guidance for parents in a setting most similar to the home environment. So, we designated an area for this purpose. In this area we plan to arrange a small sitting area, which will resemble a lounge, a small eating area, a small kitchen area, a fancy dress and hair styling area (intended for children who have sensory issues). Now, to take this dream a step further, we need furniture and equipment. We managed to get some equipment from generous donations of second hand equipment from our wonderful staff, but still lack certain things:

  • Small two-seater couch
  • Carpet
  • Small dining table and chair
  • Baby feeding chair
  • Basket for costumes
  • Costumes
  • Hair styling items (brushes, ribbons, clips, elestic bands etc).
  • Eating Utensils (plates, spoons, forks, cups, placemats etc).
  • Work tool kit for children (hammer, 2 kinds of screwdrivers, screws, nails, work top, ect.)
  • A small fridge
  • I pad+ shield

Cost: $ 500

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Equipment for the playground:

  • 4 tennis rackets
  • 4 Badminton rackets and balls
  • Basketball stand for kids
  • Balance training
  • Kids’ mini golf kit
  • Medium outdoor trampoline with safety net.
  • Sponge dice
  • 10 Isoflex balls
  • 10 Massage balls
  • 20 Kg Kinetic sand
  • 9 Weighted vests in different sizes
  • 9 Neofran vests in different sizes
  • 3 Weighted blankets
  • 5 Sensory roll pins
  • 10 Sensory triangular air pillows for chair
  • 5 Scooters with handles
  • 20 Tactile rings
  • 3 Sensory elastic bands for group activity

Cost: $3200

  • 1 Tire swing
  • 2 Airplanes swings
  • 2 Sensory set for wooden steps
  • Platform swing
  • Trapeze swing
  • Padded barrel
  • Hammock swing with poles
  • Ball pool
  • 6 soft mats
  • 3 therapy balls (1 large, 2 medium)

Cost: $4,000

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Psychology Team:

The following is a list of play equipment required for the psychological-therapeutic sessions with young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The list refers to items needed for the advancement of symbolic play and structured play.

  • Storage unit (for all the toys and materials in the previous GAN AMITAL)
  • Wooden Blockes
  • Fishing Kit – Magnetic’s
  • Memory game
  • Playmobile – Playground
  • Playmobile – Nursery room
  • Animal farm
  • Miniature cars and truck
  • Puzzle – 6 pieces
  • “Words from the heart” – cards game
  • “Dreams and ladders” – a coaching game for kids
  • Miniature dolls (4 family members: Mom, Dad and two kids)

Cost: $860

  • Dollhouse
  • Doll with potty and diaper (Potty training)
  • Baby doll with bottle, bed, toys and bath
  • A Zoo (76 pieces)
  • Colorful wooden blocks – 30 pieces
  • Kitchen + pots and pans set
  • Plastic Fruits
  • Guitar; Microphone, Xylophone
  • 100 miniature soldiers
  • Army stuff – soldiers, map, weapons and cars
  • Vehicle set

Cost: $250

  • Thick markers
  • Thin markers
  • Crayons
  • 12 Non-toxic “Panda” colors
  • Paints + Paintbrushes
  • Play dough + rolling pin + cookie cutter
  • Board Games: “Guess Who” game, Puzzles (from 4 to 24 pieces), “Snakes & Ladder”, Lotto Games

Cost: $750

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Speech and Language Therapist Team:

At the Weinberg Child Development Center we operate two day care centers for toddlers with special needs from 6 month of age up to 3 years of age, and one kindergarten for children of ages 4-6. In total, we treat 28 children in these three classes. At two of the daycare centers there are 10 toddlers that are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, while in the other day care we have 11 toddlers with a variety of difficulties such as Global Development Delay, Cerebral Palsy and a variety of other syndromes. At the kindergarten, 8 of the children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. At the Weinberg Child Development Center, the children receive treatments from various disciplines including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychological Therapy etc.

The main goal of the Speech and Language Therapist’s work is to encourage the children to initiate interactions with adults and other children. Most of our children are non verbal and use alternative means of communication such as gestures, sign language and visual prompts spontaneously.  In addition to encouraging those modes for communication, we use  Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) tools to enhance communication and verbal speech. We have a number of devices such as the ‘Big Mac’ , ‘GoTalk” switch that gives a voice output. Though in recent years there has been a growth in the development of technology, our sources are limited.

There are a number of devices and programs, which we do not have that are crucial for our work in advancing the communication of these children. While some children can use communication boards, for many who have motor difficulties these are not suitable and require a special compatibility.

Following is a list of items that we need for the treatment of our children:

Name Purpose Comment picture
Grid 2 AAC program Works with all devices 2



Panasonic toughpad FZ-GA





Ran the grid 2 program 3
Dell Venue 11 Pro Hardened


Ran the grid 2 program 4
ThinkpadTablet 10




Ran the grid 2 program  5
Panasonic Toughbook CF-19




Ran the grid 2 program  6
Touchchat AAC Application Ran only on ipad  7
Ipad Tablet Ran the touchchat Application  8
outerbox for ipad Defender case for ipad  9
lifeproof Defender case for ipad  10
Blue2 bluetooth switch Switch for ipad  11
Rehadapt arm for while chair for communication computer providing accessibility 12a12b
Monty 3D QS Wheelchair mount for communication devices and notebooks.


Universal  mount for switches 14a 14b
Flexible mount for switches  15
Jelly bean switches Switches for computers and tablets  16


Switches adapter for computer  17
Tobii EyeMobile Eye gaze operation device  18

 Cost: $24000

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