Tal Center for Integrative Medicine

The Tal Center for integrative Oncology, is located within the largest Oncology Institute in the Middle East, Sheba – Tel Hashomer Hospital. The center aims to change the culture of cancer treatment and serve as a center of international excellence in the field.

Tal center is the first in the country to offer a combination of complementary medical treatments and scientific research as an integral part of the Oncology center. Today, more than ever, there is a need for a medical center that meets the unique requirement of oncology patients.

Treatments offered at the Tal Center are performed by experts in the area of oncology, are combined with conventional treatment and are conducted in full cooperation between the centers Medical Director and the patients lead oncologist. Alternative treatments have been scientifically proven to help patients cope with the psychological aspect of the disease and its side effects. Combining science and nature, Eastern and Western medicine to treat the body and mind, and strengthens the immune system.

Strengthening the body’s immune system through the various treatments offered at the center has been shown to motivate the body to fight the disease naturally and contributes to the success of conventional treatments. The combination of the two types of medicine allow for the creation of a new treatment methodology for cancer patients.

The center works in close cooperation with world leading medical centers, and conducts ground breaking research in the areas of unique herb formulas, nutrition, and homeopathy with the aim of proving the efficacy of natural and Chinese medicine in the treatment and cure of cancer.

The Tal Center was created to honor the memory of Tal Yaakobson and give aid to the next generation.

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